How did the Gallery of Artistic Measures begin? 

Two creative people—an outdoorsman, Eric Ruhl and an artist—Kerri Ann Olejniczak met over ten years ago. They began inspiring each other as their lives became intertwined.

Kerri is a photographer and has been creating black and white photography for more years then she’d like to admit. Her camera is always by her side, looking for those perfect moments to capture so she can share them with the world. Her biggest fan is Eric, who persuaded her to start selling her photographs.

Eric secretly likes to draw, and has a passion for hunting, fishing, and playing video games. A year after Kerri began selling her framed photos, Eric thought she was spending too much money on frames and he began researching how to make his own. Their kitchen soon became a framing studio. 

Eric’s creativity brought a whole new perspective to Kerri’s photographs. He creates his custom frames from salvaged barn wood. He also makes frames from scratch using domestic wood and creating an antiqued and distressed finish on them. Kerri’s photographs have now become a one of a kind piece of artwork with Eric’s custom frames. 

Their so-called hobby took an exciting turn. Eric began stamping his name on the back of his frames and Kerri signing her name on her photos; together they made a business for themselves called Gallery of Artistic Measures. 

When people actually bought their frames and photos, Gallery of Artistic Measures became a “real” business.  So many changes, big and small, have happened since then.  

Kerri now creates calendars, cards, magnets, tote bags, coasters, and bookmarks, all with her photographs printed on them. Eric has also taken a new path with his frames and has turned them into mirrors with unique touches. Their creativity has inspired one another and both have grown as artists.

Eric and Kerri have also taken on photographing weddings and family portraits. Recently they have even ventured into painting distressed furniture and they are always thinking of new creative ideas for their business to continue to grow. 

For now they make and sell their art out of their home and at local craft fairs around the Hudson Valley and hope one day to turn their barn or garage into their very own art studio and store.

​The Beginning, 1995, Albany, New York

18x24-4" barn wood frame
12x17 print

16x20-4" barn wood frame
11x14 print

11x14-4" barn wood frame
8x10 print